Are we going in the right direction?
It is becoming increasingly harder to learn the truth behind many of the lies fed to us through the corrupted news media.

We know the enemy and we can defeat them.
Capitalism v Communism, Nationalism v Globalism, Left v Center v Right, The People v The Establishment, Democracy v Deepstate.

Think. It's not illegal (yet).
Conspiracy theorizing is to think, learn, exclude, include and know.
We are all critical thinkers and conspiracy theorists.
"accelerating stakeholder capitalism"!

Stand Up Together


Learn your history. Learn your political government. Understand their motivations. Instate leaders who come from the world you live in and learn how to preserve the future for our children.


Work together to legally protect your rights and your freedoms. Peacefully protest and demonstrate your intolerance to overreaching desires to overly control your life.


Houses of cards fall fast. The so-called elites are not superior; nor are they entitled to anymore say over your life than you are. Seek and prosecute all of the tyrannical power hungry communists.


Consider. Is the BBC or CNN, or any of the western mainstream news outlets, actually reporting the facts accurately and fairly and without omissions of importance? Do you trust them?


Utilize FOI (Freedom of Information) request systems. Find out who is taking liberties and publicly denounce them everywhere. Matt Hancock (ex UK Health Minister) is a prime example of exposure pressure.


Prosecute cases of ministerial negligence, financial loss, opportunity loss and abuse. Develop ways to collectively pursuade courts to protect the people more and not big wealth interests.


Conspiracy theorize like it's 1984! Government cannot be trusted. If you think your "party of choice" is looking out for you and your family first, then think again. Make them keep their promises, or vote them all out.


Get off the TV, get online more and out and about and start ingesting REAL TRUTHS. Stop passively sitting in front of the box accepting every stupid dumbed-down story they tell you.

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